An Orchid for +27 and Discovery Insure :

27 Sep 2016

Gordon Lindsay directed the latest Discovery Insure commercial in collaboration with +27. The ad features former Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie, who speaks out about her survival of a serious car accident in April this year. She credits Discovery Insure’s unique safety features for the quick arrival of emergency personnel on the scene. With unwavering attention to detail and striking imagery, the ad highlights how Discovery uses new technology to ensure users are safer on the road.

The commercial is a genuine testimonial on behalf of the security system, and this led to the commercial receiving an Orchid in the Saturday Star. Reviewed by Brendan Seery, he states that the ad is “powerful and it certainly makes one think of that specific benefit of having Discovery Insure looking after you. Automatic candidate for an Orchid”. Congratulations to +27 agency and their Discovery client, and to our director Gordon Lindsay.

(see the ad here)