Dean Blumberg – The Gunn Report Showreel 2015 :

05 May 2016

Dean Blumberg’s work for Student Flights with TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris JHB is the only South African film director’s work to secure a spot in the the highly acclaimed The Gunn Report Annual 2015. This is Dean’s second appearance in The Gunn Report.  The two commercials titled: ‘Travel Before it’s Not Fun Anymore”, is the award-winning campaign that competed throughout 2015, making TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris JHB , South Africa’s only representation on the Gunn Report’s showreel of the year featured amongst the most awarded global commercials. Congrat’s to the team and all those that worked on these commercials.

The Gunn Report is the most prestigious global index of worldwide excellence in advertising, highlighting the most awarded commercials, directors, agencies and production companies of that year.

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