Marc Sidelsky wins the Ciclope Africa Grand Prix for Shelflife, Nike & Stussy - “Weird”

Massïf Executive Producer, Peter Carr, commented: We are really excited for Marc to have received this award for an entertaining piece of work that he wrote and directed himself and which was produced by Ying-Poi De Lacy at our partner company, Little League Films. We had such incredible support from so many of our wonderful suppliers who helped us bring this idea to life and so we thank each and every one for their contribution towards making this such a success for us and Shelflife. We’d also like to thank the Shelflife client and the Ciclope judging panel for recognizing the value of using storytelling to sell brands. Marc will be relocating to Canada at the end of April but he will continue to be exclusively represented in South Africa by Massif, the company he co-founded. This accolade is a great send-off for Marc.

See the film here.

You can find a link to the Ciclope Africa 2021 awards show here.